About Us

Team Fish, Inc. is a small veteran owned design and manufacturing firm based in San Diego, California, with owners who are avid anglers and sportsmen. Because of our locale between the beaches of Southern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we have a diverse range of fishing experiences in our backyard.  As a result, the testing grounds for our products are the very places we frequent on a regular basis: lakes, streams, reservoirs, surf, harbor and bays, near shore and sometimes offshore.  All types of watercraft abound here, but without a doubt the most affordable and most fun comes when fishing from the highly portable forms of float tubes, pontoon boats, canoes and kayaks.

Team Fish Vice President and General Manager Jack Becht leads the CastMate Systems product development effort. He’s an avid fisherman, photographer and patent holder with more than 30 years of design, manufacturing, marketing and general business experience.    

All Team Fish products are made in the USA or globally acquired across several continents and assembled here in California. It is our promise to provide you with quality sporting gear that we personally use and believe in. Visit our website at teamfishco.com for a full review of all of our products.

You are invited to use any of the means on our contacts page for more personalized attention or if you have specific questions. Because we are always looking to expand our sales and market penetration, vendors and product representatives are always welcome.

We know that float anglers live for the water.

Think outside the boat!